3 Ways to Use the Tea Tree Oil for Acne

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "oil tee"Acne is probably the worst thing that could happen to anybody’s face. Having acne can negatively impact the lives of people affected by it. First, it makes your facial skin look ugly as instead of looking soft and smooth, it looks hard and rough. And even if you have been trying to cure the acne, you are not totally saved from the ugly look because of the scars.

Second, aside from the looks, acne causes discomfort as sometimes your face can itch. If you scratch it, it could ooze blood or pus. Most of all, the effects of acne can really be such an embarrassment and it has left many people feeling depressed already.

Because of the negative impacts of acne on peoples’ lives, there are many skin care products aimed to treat acne nowadays. But, it is either they don’t work or they cause side effects due to the chemicals in that product.

Good thing, acne can be cured naturally nowadays with the use of the oils from tea tree leaves extracted from an Australian native plant called melaleuca alternifolia. In fact, tea tree oils can be used for acne in 3 ways.

  1. Topical Acne Cream

Tea tree oils can be applied on the acne outbreak like a topical cream or ointment. You can do this in easy steps:

  • Dab a cotton swab onto the oil and make sure the cotton is saturated well.
  • Start applying the oil on the cotton swab onto the acne area without rinsing it.
  • Do this process at least twice a day.


  1. Acne Astringent

In order to treat acne, many people use astringents as these products not only remove excess dirt from the face but also shrinks the facial pores so that no more dust and dirt can be trapped in it and trigger more outbreaks. However, these results to dryness of the skin due to the chemicals in it.

Tea tree oils can be used as acne astringent and it is better than chemical astringents because it is natural and won’t harm the skin. To use this oil as acne astringent rinse, here are some steps:

  • Get a cup of water and add at least 4 drops of tea tree oil onto it.
  • Use this to rinse your face after washing it with a gentle facial wash.
  1. Facial Mask for Acne

Facial masks are products left on the face after application and they are known to give benefits to the skin, especially in treating acne. You can use tea tree oil to make a natural facial mask.

  • Crack one egg and separate the egg whites from the yolk.
  • Add at least 4 drops of the oil to the egg white.
  • Whisk the mixture well.
  • Apply the whisked mixture on your face and leave it on for at least 15 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water when rinsing the mask off.
  • This tea tree oil mask is good to be used once a week only.

As a tip when using oils from tea tree leaves for acne, make sure you test your skin first before applying the oil. This is so you can find out whether your skin is allergic or not.

Eliminate The Excessive Fat From Your Body With The Help Of Natural Supplements

Forskolin is the root extract of the herb Coleus forskohlii which is rich in medicinal properties. This herb is being used in treatment of various health problems since centuries. In the related research about this herb, it was found that it is a wonderful herb which assists in weight loss. This is the reason why so many pharmaceutical companies have started using extracts of Forskolin in their weight loss supplements. The use of forskolin in weight loss supplements got extraordinary reposes from the consumers as there was a remarkable visibility of weight loss in the most natural manner. People who are obese fight intensely with the stubborn fat in their body. Some increase their workout hours in the gym and strict their diet plan while the others opt for surgical ways of weight loss which risks their health and has several drastic after effects. Thus, in the range of weight loss supplements, Forskolin is proven to be one of the best natural weight loss solutions. You can purchase forskolin easily from the market.

Ramp up the process of fat burning

Forskolin supplement is effective in weight loss and it works by burning the fat cells and converting it into the utilizable body energy. But, there is a certain pace of burning fat by Forskolin. If you want to speed up the rate of fat burning then you should combine forskolin weight loss supplement with the other ingredients to double the weight loss process.  The most common combinations include:

  • Forskolin supplement with caraway seeds: This is one of the most wonderful and unique combinations of the weight loss supplement to speed up the process of burning fat. Caraway seeds are known as the best source of various nutrients which promote healthy weight loss. It proliferate the growth of probiotics in the body and limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria which causes a collection of fatty acid in the body. Thus, in this way, double action is done on the fat cells or fatty acids which gives quick results for weight loss.
  • Forskolin extracts with green tea extracts: Forskolin and green tea both have amazing effects in the weight loss process. Forskolin supplements help in increasing the production of thyroid hormones to promote weight loss while green tea works with the thyroid hormones to enhance the metabolic rate of the body to burn excessive fat. Thus, when these two ingredients are consumed together, speedy response is received in weight loss.
  • Forskolin with carnitine: When carnitine is taken along with the Forskolin, the combination directly hits those areas of the body in which the fat is stored. It helps in melting down the fat cells and allows it to travel through your bloodstreams in different body parts which are ultimately used as the body energy. In this mechanism, the fat cells are carried towards the mitochondria, which is responsible for burning the fat cells. This leads to the activation of adenylate cyclas, which is the enzyme that assists in weight loss by accelerating the process of fat burning and activating another enzyme to boost the metabolic rate and fat burning process. Hence, overall actions result in fast, safe and long lasting weight loss.